Vance Joy

Photographer: Darryl Block Location: Wayhome Music & Arts Festival Date: 2015 "At the end of an intense, sweaty, marathon of a weekend at WayHome 2015, a musician I had never listened to named, Vance Joy, performed an uplifting set that pulled me back together with his gentle melodies as I cooled down with some wet naps, leaning against a shaded fence. After a rabid weekend of baking in the sun, this soothing set was a calming oasis. Since then, Vance Joy has become one of my favourite singer song writers, which is why I was excited to photograph him at Danforth Music Hall. Seeing him again did not disappoint and as the soulful melodies of 'Georgia' and 'Riptide' washed over me, I experienced that same revitalization." Print Size: 20x24 Framed: Yes

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