Allan Ballard

Allan Ballard began his photographic career at the Evening Standard where he assisted the picture editor. He then assisted eminent fashion photographer John Cowan (pictured above). Together they travelled extensively on fashion assignments (from the North Pole to the Persian Gulf and all points between). Allan spent six months in New York working for American Vogue. During this time he documented the racial tension between the police and the black residents of Harlem for the Sunday Times. The now famous shot of the NYPD officer ‘pulling tongues’ in a momentary lapse ‘under fire’ was later ‘adopted’ by he band Skid Alley for their album cover. On his return Allan set up his studio in Primrose Hill and began contributing regularly to the Sunday Times and later to the Supplement. On one of his diverse assignments Allan obtained almost exclusive access to Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow at the time of their marriage. His pictures were syndicated around the world and secured Allan’s name as a top Photographer. At 24 Allan had become one of the most successful photographers in London.
Allan Ballard
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