Steve Double

Steve Double has been working as a professional photographer for over 25 years specialising in celebrity portraits. During that time he has dealt with every conceivable situation, from extreme lateness to indecisive clients and from stroppy subjects to non-functioning equipment. Some highlights are having 90 seconds to photograph Bill Gates, waiting 6 hours for the Spice Girls, being sworn at by Ken Dodd, being chided for lateness by Public Enemy, drinking Caiprinhas with Nick Cave, blagging an upgrade off Richard Branson, spending 5 days in a van with Nirvana and never having to wear a tie. His work is held in the permanent collection of Britain's National Portrait Gallery. He is old enough to know better.
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Guns n Roses - (GNR001STDO)
Stone Roses - (SR001STDO)
Pulp - (PULP002STDO)
Pulp by Steve Double
From $600.00
Pulp - (PULP001STDO)
Pulp by Steve Double
From $600.00
Nirvana - (NV002STDO)
Iggy Pop - (IP001STDO)
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