Brad Balfour

For over three decades, writer/journalist / photographer Brad Balfour has documented the worlds of art, film, music, performance and pop culture creators of all sorts. Various actors, directors, artists, musicians, writers, photographers, chefs and entrepreneurs have provided him with the many insights that he has, in turn, offered through his writing, and interviews. He has either been a publisher, editor, columnist, or staff writer for many publications — online and in print.

Currently, he is arts and features editor of irishexaminerusa, regular contributor to Times Square Chronicles, and senior editor, He is also in the process of launching an I- Tunes podcast, MUSIC.ART.FILM. He also has done arts consulting and has done new business development advisory. He also produces content/profiles for professionals in business, art, music, film and related professions. He has also been an inspirational speaker about the process of creativity.

In the recent decade, he launched as a hub for travellers and festival goers, expanding it to cover everything from art fairs to tech conferences. He also developed his content syndicate, BMBmedia. He transformed into an active travel destination site which was successfully sold to a Canadian company. During that period he added coverage of food, travel and drink to his repertoire. Upon being invited to contribute to the — one of largest global news sites — he produced over 250 interviews and stories for over three years with everyone from George Clooney to Vik Muniz to Jessica Chastain before it was sold to His interviews and writing has been included in several books and international publications.

Brad Balfour
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Captain Beefheart Polaroid by Brad Balfour
Jane Birkin Polaroid by Brad Balfour
Joey Ramone Polaroid by Brad Balfour
Johnny "Rotten" Lydon Polaroid by Brad Balfour
Johnny "Rotten" Lydon Polaroid by Brad Balfour
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