Gered Mankowitz

Gered Mankowitz was born in London, England, on 3rd August 1946. The first of four sons of the late author, playwright and film writer Wolf Mankowitz and his wife, the Jungian psychotherapist Ann Mankowitz. After an education of sorts at several London co-educational "progressive" schools, he left at 15, avoiding all exams and completed his education devoid of any formal qualifications. Having displayed a natural 'eye' for photography whilst on a school trip to Holland and having been inspired to take up photography by the actor Peter Sellers, his photographs were seen by the legendary photographer Tom Blau, who offered Gered an apprenticeship at his famous photo agency, Camera Press Ltd., in London. Over a period of several months Gered worked in all the various departments that made up Camera Press, finally moving to the studio and going on various assignments in and around London. Within a few months Gered had already begun to make a name for himself, and he was approached to photograph Marianne Faithful, who had just had a big hit with "As Tears Go By". Working closely with Marianne he got to know her manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham. In early 1965, Oldham asked him to photograph the Rolling Stones, who he also managed and produced. This was a major turning point in Gered's career, because from this first session came the cover for "Out of Our Heads" (U.S. title "December's Children"), and as a result he was asked by the Stones to go to America with them on their record breaking 1965 autumn tour. During this 9 week (48 city) tour of the U.S. Gered photographed the Stones on stage and off, and got particularly close to Keith and Charlie. There were many adventures as Gered found himself on the road with the greatest Rock band in the world at the peak of their original success. Gered continued working with the Stones as their 'official' photographer, producing photos for albums ("Between the Buttons"; "Got Live If You Want It"; "Big Hits"; and several others), press and publicity, taken at home, in the recording studio, on stage and behind the scenes until 1967, when the band broke off with their manager, Oldham. For over 22 years Gered was based at his North London studio, a converted Victorian chapel, taking prize-winning photos for the advertising industry. He has also been a regular contributor to several major publications, and still works in the music business, photographing bands and singers for album covers and magazines. In 1991 Gered teamed up with the designer David Costa to form Ink Icon Ltd. and to produce a series of limited edition silkscreen prints based on his archive. The first subject in this major project was Jimi Hendrix, and the result was so successful that it was chosen to become the flagship image for the world wide Jimi Hendrix Exhibition. It was also used as the cover for the Polygram Int. C.D. package, entitled The Ultimate Experience, which has gone on to sell well over 2 million copies. In 1993 they created three new images of Hendrix for the worldwide re-release of the great musicians' albums. Their next project was to produce a set of 4 silk screen images for The Rolling Stones' Voodoo Lounge tour, and in 1999 they produced Red Cage, a new Stones silk screen to celebrate the band's continuing Bridges to Babylon tour. Ink Icon teamed up with top California based fine art publisher FrontLine Graphics Inc to produce a set of 6 limited edition, fine art litho prints that they launched in New York at ArtExpo in March 2000. Gered was producing photography for the music industry up to quite recently and completed sessions with The Hives, Snow Patrol, The Duke Spirit, The Bravery, Blondelle, BMD and most recently Patrick Wolf and Ren Harvieu. In 2007 Gered moved to Cornwall in the beautiful South West of England and now spends most of his time working with his archive and on his own projects as well as teaching at University College Falmouth.
Gered Mankowitz
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