Jill Furmanovsky

Brought up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Jill Furmanovsky moved with her parents and brother Michael, to London in 1965 in time to join in with Beatlemania. She became one of the 'Apple scruff' teenagers that hung around outside Abbey Road hoping to catch sight of the Beatles. Her first rock shot was of Paul McCartney standing outside his house with two of her school friends, taken on a Kodak Instamatic. Following a foundation course at Harrow School of Art, Jill studied textile and graphic design at the Central School of Art and Design. After only two weeks training in photography, she had a lucky break when she was offered (and gleefully accepted) the unpaid job of official photographer at London's premier rock venue, The Rainbow Theatre in 1972. Artists photographed in her 35 year career include many of the biggest names in rock music: Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Blondie, The Police, Led Zeppelin, The Pretenders, Bob Dylan and Oasis. She has also made videos for Oasis and The Pretenders and continues to shoot in the music industry. She was invited to document the Cream re-union concerts and rehearsals in May 2005 as well as Pink Floyd's rehearsals and historic performance at Live 8 in 2005. She is currently working with Queen & Paul Rogers, Oasis, Duffy and Razorlight. Jill's book 'The Moment' 25 Years of Rock Photography' (1995) is a seminal work in the genre. Her subsequent Oasis book 'Was There Then ' A Photographic Journey' (1997) followed a ground-breaking exhibition of the same name that toured in the UK and Ireland. Jill conceived Rockarchive in 1998 with the idea of making unseen work from her own archive and that of her colleagues more accessible to fans and collectors of photography. That it has succeeded in surviving and thriving while maintaining its original aims, is a mark of pride for all concerned. Jill has won many awards for her music photography including The Jane Bown Observer Portrait Award for her classic Charlie Watts portrait in 1992. In 1998 she was honoured with the accolade 'Woman of the Year' for Music and Related Industries'.
Jill Furmanovsky
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Annie Lennox - (EU001JF)
BB King - (BBK001JF)
Bob Marley - (BM001JF)
Carlos Santana - (CS001JF)
Duke Ellington - DE001JF
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Eric Clapton - (EC001JF)
Jeff Buckley - (JB001JF)
Joy Division - (JD001JF)
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KD Lang - (LANG001JF)
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Leonard Cohen - (LC001JF)
Michael Jackson - (MJACK001JF)
Miles Davis - (MD001JF)
Oasis - (OA031JF)
Oasis by Jill Furmanovsky
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Oasis - (OA028JF)
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Oasis - (OA002JF)
Oasis by Jill Furmanovsky
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Oasis by Jill Furmanovsky
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Oasis - (OA010JF)
Oasis by Jill Furmanovsky
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Oasis - (OA013JF)
Oasis by Jill Furmanovsky
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Oasis - (OA032JF)
Pink Floyd - (PF001JF)
Queen - (QN001JF)
Queen by Jill Furmanovsky
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Sinead O'Connor - (SO003JF)
Sinead O'Connor - (SO002JF)
The Clash - (CL001JF)
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