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At Analogue Gallery, we want your experience with us to be comprehensive from start to finish. From the moment you walk into our Queen West gallery, until you take the first step back in admiration of your print, it’s our number one priority to make your journey into rock and roll a memorable one. Collecting Fine Art photography doesn’t have to be intimidating. We will always be here to help you with any questions or concerns, but first let’s cover the basics.


Whether it’s your first fine-art print, you want to add to your existing collection, or you’re buying a gift for a loved one, we want to make sure that you leave Analogue Gallery feeling educated and excited. There are many prints to choose from, but ultimately when your eyes fall upon the photograph that sings – it’s the one. It’s our job to expose you to the fantastic work that may be hidden from plain sight. Come into our gallery at 673 Queen West to chat with an experienced staff member. We are all well versed in photographer histories, fine-art shopping, and collecting. Ultimately, we’re music fans and love talking about bands and musicians just as much as you do.

Alternatively you can enjoy the world of music photography in the comfort of your home. Our brand new website houses 1,000’s of imagery that you can search by artist, band, or genre.


All of our printing processes are archival quality, which will last lifetimes. The photographer is responsible for choosing their method of printing and there are two basic ways in which they do so:


-       black and whites have excellent tonal range

-       colour (or cprints) are the contemporary method

-       oldest forms of photography, classic style

-       can be from negative or digital files

-       very detailed, incredible highlights

-       never flat, fiber textured


-       continuous, smooth, vibrant

-       pigment saturates on archival Hahnemule* paper

-       matte finish with incredible lustrous depth behind glass

-       began in late 80’s, gallery wide acceptance, modern

-       higher resolutions, environmentally friendly

* Hahnemule paper is a German made product that has stood the test of centuries. It’s porous, matte finish gives stunning depth and quality to every image.


You have the choice to buy any print on it’s own or custom framed through us. If you do need something framed, our in-house framer has over 30 years of experience. There are different colour and size options, however we recommend a thin black (or white) wood frame with our standard acid-free mat, to keep it simple and give due justice to your new print.

If you prefer anti-reflective glass, an additional 30% charge will be applied.

11x14 (A3) = $125 + hst

16x20 (A2) = $195 + hst

20x24 (A1) = $250 + hst

30x40 (A0) = $350 + hst



Each photographer sets his or her own edition numbers which are recorded with each sale. This is how many photographs are produced in each size and as the edition runs along, the prices will increase.

Every photograph will be signed by the photographer’s hand unless of course they have passed. In that case, an estate stamp will be applied to the print in it’s place.

Each print will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity either from their agency or Analogue Gallery’s. You will see an embossed recording of the edition number and depending on the photographer, an additional signature. Some prints that have an estate stamp may not have accompanying certificates.


How long does it take to order a print?

Each print is made custom by the photographer - some are overseas, some are local – ultimately we are at the mercy of shipping. We will do our best to get it in for realistic deadlines, but try to leave 2-4 weeks for shipping and framing.

How long does it take just to frame?

3-7 business days.

Where do you ship to?

We ship everywhere. In North America we can FedEx ground ship your print framed. Everywhere else we can ship the print in a durable tube and help you find a framer local to you if needed.

Can I return my purchase?

If a print has been ordered but not yet collected and something comes up, we are open to exchanges only and this operates on a case-by-case basis. Once something has left the gallery, there are no refunds or exchanges.

Do you give gift certificates?

Absolutely. And if you know the print you want to give and it’s not ready on time, we can print a mini-version of it on store cards with a matching envelope.

What types of payment do you accept?

Mastercard, Visa, Debit, Cash – Sorry no American Express

Do you need a deposit upon an order?

Yes, we require at least 30% or anything higher of your choosing.

How many photos do you have access to?

Our archive consists of over 1,000 images but if we still can’t find something in our extensive database, we will do our best to help you find something. We are in contact with hundreds of photographers from all over the world and can activate some detective work in your favour!

What other things do you sell at the gallery?

Our Books & Merch section can be found here

Is your space available for event rentals?

Yes, find out more about our space here. 

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