Photographer: Eric Fefferman

John Scofield at Jam Cruise 13

Location: Pantheon Theatre, Caribbean

Date: 2014

Size: 16x20

Framed: Yes

“Jam Cruise 13, a 5 day live music Caribbean cruise with 30 bands playing multiple stages up to 16 hours a day, and often you’re elbow to elbow with the musicians or dancing your ass off with your friends or sweetest of all, cruising the stages with a camera in your hand. This day after digging and shooting Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Snarky Puppy, I turned my intention to John Scofield/Uberjam. I’d shot a couple of times on Jam Cruise and at Jazz festivals: his guitar playing takes me to another world. This time was no different, and when I was done, I began making my way back to my friends, when something made me turn around for a last look at the stage... Between Scofield and the Adam Deitch’s drum- kit, there was a shaft of light beaming as if out of a crater on the moon. I saw the shot. The emotional turbulence from the under-belly of his guitar hit me and I took the shot. One shot, and I didn’t have to shoot any more. I went back to my friends.”

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