The Who by Jill Furmanovsky

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Photographer: Jill Furmanovsky - Courtesy of Rockarchive UK
Location: Rainbow Theatre, London
Edition: 30
Date: December 1972

In 1972, following the immense success of the original "Tommy", Lou Reizner decided to produce a full-blown orchestral version of the rock opera featuring the London Symphony Orchestra and an assemblage of wel-known rock stars. I attended the rehearsals and final performance at the Rainbow Theatre. It was a highly ambitious project featuring guest appearances by Rod Stewart, Peter Sellers, Merry Bell, Maggie Bell and Sandy Denny. This picture of Roger Daltry became my first cover image for Melody Maker. I was 19 at the time and still a student so I was thrilled.

Print Quality: 20x16 inch museum quality fibre print printed on Ilford warm tone paper from the original negative.

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