The Tragically Hip


Photographer: Vanessa Heins

Location: Hamilton, ON

Date: 2016

"I was lucky enough to see The Hip play 3 different cities on this last tour. Every night after the show was over, the full band would take a bow, exchange hugs and kisses with one another and wave to the crowd. After a few minutes they would all exit the stage except for Gord, who would stay to take a moment for himself. Even though there were tens of thousand of people in that arena, it felt like he acknowledged every single person in the room and in turn, we all got to show him how truly grateful we were for the gift he has given us. I took maybe 3 frames of this and that was it. The moment was so much more than a photo will ever be and I wanted to live it but looking at this photo will always remind me of how incredibly beautiful the moment truly was."

Print Size: 20x24


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