The Rolling Stones by Ken Regan

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Photographer: Ken Regan

Location: North Brookfield, Massachusetts

Edition: Limited

Date: 1981

"A Clark University professor named Gil Markle, had bought a hundred or so acres in the secluded rolling hills outside Worcester in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. With help from two friends, he restored and converted a big old farmhouse and dairy barn into first-rate recording studios. A lot of acts recorded up there, and the Stones rented the retreat, named Long View Farm Studio, for six weeks. It was a great opportunity to catch them at work and at ease in new bucolic surroundings. Keith Richards on horseback looked right out of the Western Cat Ballou with Lee Marvin. The Stones rarely awoke before six p.m. At midnight, with security everywhere, they’d go into the studio. Sound carries, and inevitably, just on the other side of the property line, hundreds of kids would sit out on the hill listening to The Rolling Stones for free."

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