The Rolling Stones by Jill Furmanovsky

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Photographer: Jill Furmanovsky - courtesy of Rockarchive UK
Location: Haycon Hotel
Edition: 30
Date: 1991

"I won first prize in 1992 when I entered the Observer’s (Jane Bown) Portrait award with this picture of Charlie Watts. It was taken on a Hasselblad in his hotel room. To my delight Charlie wrote a letter to congratulate me. He signed it: 'C.R. Watts (drummer of the Rolling Stones.)' How modest is that?! Representing the bedrock of rock, the drummer in the Rolling Stones has aged immaculately.' Please note, this finite fibre SG edition of 30 is almost sold out. For information on the last remaining prints, contact the the gallery. In addition to the 30 fibre SG prints, 10 A0 or custom size digital Fine Art prints are also available of this image. These will be the last prints made from this picture. It is therefore the last chance for collectors to own the most important rock portrait in Jill Furmanovsky's archive and also the founding image of the Rockarchive Collective. The negative will be retired to the Rockarchive Print Bank.

Print Quality: Museum quality fibre print on Ilford warm tone paper from the original negative.

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