The Rolling Stones by Barrie Wentzell

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Photographer: Barrie Wentzell

Description: Rolling Stones

“There were free concerts in Hyde Park most Saturday afternoons, and this one was headed by the Stones. They had just lost Brian Jones and Mick Taylor had just joined. It was a pleasant afternoon in the park with King Crimson and others blissing out the huge crowd that had gathered in ‘the dell’. It seemed impossible to get anywhere near the stage when The Stones came on but fortunately I ran into ‘Crazy Charley’, one of the Hells Angels who was doing security and whom I’d met a few weeks before. He ushered me up the steps pushing then Stones manager, Alan Klein off the stage and putting me behind Marianne Faithful where I was stuck for the whole performance. Mick Jagger started by reading a poem by Keats for Brian Jones after which boxes full of white butterflies were released into the air. The show began with Mick Taylor performing for the first time as the new guitarist. He and the band were brilliant!”

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