The Rolling Stones

Photographer: Gilles Chateau Location: TOUR OF THE AMERICAS TORONTO Maple Leaf Gardens Date: June 17 1975 Size: A1 Framed: Yes “After more than a decade of popularity, The Stones were staging their more elaborate tour ever. Beginning June 1st in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and ending late August in Caracas, Venezuela. Tour of the Americas ’75 will cover most of North, Central and South America.The band will be joined by Ron Wood of the Faces, on loan at the time for the summer and Keyboard genius Billy Preston. Unique in many ways, the tour generated more excitement than any other personal appearance tour in music history at the time. I went for the ride and secured tickets for both shows in Toronto. I bought some rolls off 35 mm b&w and Kodak E6 transparency film to cover the bases. All my savings went into it. It all came out looking great in the end, and security left me alone to shoot...”

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