The Dum Dum Girls


Photographer: Neil Van

Dee Dee's post show portrait.

Location: Lee's Palace

Date: October 2014

Size: 20x24

Framed: Yes

“Dee Dee has always embodied what its meant to be feminine, as well as a sense of sensuality and spellbinding appeal, and a reflection of the Dum Dum Girls' music. The photo was taken post-show at their recent concert at Lee’s Palace. Dee Dee was kind enough to come out afterwards, which I find humbling when musicians do that, to greet fans. I waited out of courtesy when everyone was finished and ask if she would sit for a portrait. Someone had given her a long stem rose, it didn't occur to me to use it but I'm glad Dee Dee took it and it became part of the portrait. I think without the rose it would have been a different picture, but it makes the image more interesting, and as a symbolic representation of her. I played with the color scheme in the image and thought the blues really offset the rose and gave the image some balance and moodiness.”

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