The Beatles by Ken Regan

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Photographer: Ken Regan

Location: Central Park, NYC

Edition: Limited

Date: 1964

"Tight security made direct contact with The Beatles all but impossible. But my friend’s dad did tip me off to a secret photo op in Central Park, where The Beatles planned to ride in one of the park’s famous horse-drawn carriages. The media entourage was small, a mere dozen people. We heard that George was sick, so that left John, Ringo, and Paul (who took his own photos) to arrive in a limo at West 67th Street and get in the carriage, with the skyline of Central Park South in the background. Because I had the advantage of additional access thanks to my friend’s dad (the rehearsals, the photo op in the park), Time was impressed enough to give me more assignments going forward."

Print Quality: Custom made Silver Gelatin print.

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