Teenage Head - Framed 20x22 Image

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"This previously unseen photograph was taken on May 5’th, 1980, at Sam the Record Man’s flagship store on Yonge Street In Toronto, where Teenage Head were signing copies of their just released LP Frantic City. I had been asked by their manager Jack Morrow to follow the band and document them on this day. Just a few weeks after this picture was taken, 15,000 frenzied fans rioted at Teenage Head’s Ontario Place gig which caused that venue to ban rock concerts for the next several years. In the summer of 1980, Frantic City went platinum, their singles received massive air-play, and they headlined big shows across Canada. And then in September, guitarist Gord Lewis was injured in a bad car crash on their way to NYC which killed the band’s momentum. This photograph at Sam’s is Teenage Head just as they were peaking … at the pinnacle of their success."
20x22 Framed Image - $900.00

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