Photographer: Bruce Pratt

Location: Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Date: October 29, 2017

"I first saw Guns N' Roses in 1988 at the CNE Grandstand when they opened for Iron Maiden. Within a couple of months Appetite for Destruction was in heavy rotation on the radio. I saw them again in 1991 when they were headliners and at the peak of their career. I avoided any of the pseudo Guns N' Roses after their implosion as I didn't want to pay to see some other guitarist playing Slash's songs. I was pleasantly surprised by their reunion concert at the Rogers Centre in 2016 and so the 2017 show at the Air Canada Centre wound up being a must see event for me. As this photo shows, Slash does the definitive hard rock guitarist pose better than anyone."

Print Size: 16x20

Framed: Yes

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