Sean Lennon


Photographer: Katrina Thorn

Location: Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto

Date: 2015

"I used to work at a well-known Toronto radio station, and meeting famous musicians was commonplace. It was never hard for me to keep my cool: everyone was just doing their best in their respective jobs, myself included. So I was surprised to find I was capable of being star-struck when Sean Ono Lennon walked on stage at my first GOASTT show. I also knew I felt guilty. It wasn’t the awe of Sean as a musician that had caught me off guard, it was the legacy of his parents. It’s hard not to see the faces of Sean’s very famous mom and dad in his own. John Lennon, a man I will never meet, but has had an impact on my musical world since childhood. Yoko Ono, who broadened my horizons with what forms art could take. Then the two combined with a photo hero of mine created arguably the most iconic portrait of artists to date, in a medium I work with and adore. I felt guilty that I had this knee-jerk reaction to an artist. Someone who has poured hours and emotion into perfecting their craft, honing their skills and settling on a final product they wanted to not only share, but present personally. Levels of vulnerability I can appreciate when I put my own work out to the world. I feel like I let down a member of a grand community I am striving to be a part of."

Print Size: 20x30

Framed: Yes

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