Photographer: Stephanie Luong

Location: Field Trip Arts and Music Festival at Fort York, Toronto

Date: June 5, 2016

"Swedish pop music veteran Robyn brought back what felt like the Electric Circus that had left Toronto in 2003. On stage, it was a scene of interesting characters and eclectic props. Robyn donned a nude coloured leotard with tufted feathers, sparkling sequences, and platform shoes to lead her high-energy dance party. She'd have dance-offs with the other dancers on stage and herself in front of a dome of mirrors. It felt like a massive outdoor Euro rave as you could lose yourself in the lengthy and instrumental heavy renditions that blended one song into another seamlessly. Later I would learn that her set consisted of almost unrecognizable live versions of her popular hits because that summer, she was premiering her newest project titled "RMX / RBN". Field Trip was one of the only three shows that saw Robyn doing interpretations of her own songs re-interpreted by other artists."

Print Size: 9x16

Framed: Yes

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