Photographer: Dean Kalyan

Location: Rock the Shores, Victoria BC

Date: July 14th 2013

"The opening act of a music festival is given the shortest set time and most often the crowd is barely starting to form in front of the stage. By the end of his set, Reignwolf and his rocking trio had worked the crowd into a frenzy that would not accept the short time slot he was given. An unprecedented encore was forced as the crowd demanded more of this previously unknown (to them) firestorm of talent. Chants for Reignwolf precipitated throughout the rest of the night after every band. This photo was taken backstage later that afternoon as the band loaded out their gear. Comisserating about both growing up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan led to an impromptu 15 second portrait shoot that yielded this photo."

Print Size: 16x20

Framed: Yes

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