Plasketts In Studio


Photographer: Lindsay Duncan

Location: Nova Scotia

Date: October 2016

"During a summer in Nova Scotia, Joel Plaskett’s cafe New Scotland Yard Emporium became a frequent haunt. I’d stop in for a coffee, browse the vinyl, and usually run into a few old friends. Through the chatter I heard that Joel was doing an album with his father Bill. I had seen the two perform a tour together in Kingston years ago. I asked Joel about photographing the two of them in the studio for archival purposes - you never know when that will happen again, and Bill himself would frequently chuckle “I’m not getting any younger.” I watched the two Plaskett’s together during rehearsal, set up, and kept seeing small similarities creep up - a hand gesture, a phrase - and I started to watch for the way they mirrored each other. Luckily, the best sound set up ended up with the two of them facing each other with near-identical setups. As soon as I took this image I knew my time in their space was done. I love working behind the scenes because my goal isn’t to direct a portrait or showcase an artist, it’s to capture the feeling of what’s happening in the making of an album. In this case, the image perfectly captured what was happening: A father and son with a history, putting it all down in music."

Print Size: 20x24

Framed: Yes

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