Nick Cave

Photographer: Rory Biller Location: Osheaga Music Festival, Montreal Date: August 2, 2014 On a show that would be their last for many years due to a combination of hibernation and tragedy, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds baffled the masses and dazzled the devout. The Osheaga festival had two main stages that were placed side by side. When one act concluded the next would immediately commence just across the way. Nick Cave would do as he's wont to do. He spent the majority of the set crooning inside of the crowd, tempting the beast and confounding the unlearned. As the band of 30+ years tenure pounded through the dynamic, prolonged and profane savagery of 'Stagger Lee' the sound began to fade. Having played through their set time, and into Jack White's, organizers decided to pull the plug. They continued to perform in defiance. This went on for several minutes. Silent devastation. And then a sound engineer having apparently and suddenly developed a conscience slid the master fader forward as the closing verses of the sadistic calamity once again rang through Parc Jean-Drapeau. Jack White reportedly refused to go on stage until the festival allowed Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to finish. Print Size: 20x24 Framed: Yes

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