Morcheeba by Katrina Lat


"There is always something magical about watching an artist you love hit the stage, but this is even more so potent when it’s 9pm, and you’re dancing the night away while draped in the warmth of a never setting midnight sun. Reykjavik, Iceland, being the northernmost capital city in the world, receives weeks of constantly sun-filled skies during the Summer Solstice. This phenomenon acts as the backdrop to the city’s annual Secret Solstice Festival, and is the setting of this capture. Morcheeba’s Skye Edwards is an otherworldly fantastical, and fantastically otherworldly performer. At this particular moment in their set, an array of spotlights converged upon her, further amplifying her absolutely magnetic presence. I especially love the juxtaposition of this photograph’s dark and moody ambiance against the ever-persisting sunlight of the Summer Solstice."

12x18 Framed Image - $500.00

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