Matt Mays


Photographer: Devin McLean

Location: The Shed, Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia

Date: 2012

"On the outskirts of Halifax, down this long dirt road and tucked in between some tall trees, there’s this shed. From the outside you’d never suspect it to be much of anything other than an old storage space, but inside there’s this incredible studio loaded with recording equipment and gear stacked up to the rafters on all sides. In the Halifax music scene, this place is sacred—Matt and countless other musicians have been recording here for years. This photo is part of a series that was used for Matt’s 2012 album Coyote. The shoot was incredibly laid back—we only ended up taking a handful of shots and spent most of the time talking about the album, drinking Olands, and shooting the shit about surfing and growing up in Dartmouth. I really wanted to make an iconic rock portrait, the kind you’d want to hang on your wall when you were a kid and rock out to while listening to the album. I’m incredibly grateful to Matt (and all the remarkably talented musicians he surrounds himself with) for giving me an incredible opportunity and for giving the East Coast one hell of rock and roll reputation."

Print Size: 22x33

Framed: Yes

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