Madonna by Ken Regan

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Photographer: Ken Regan

Edition: Limited

Date: 1985

“I was staying at the hotel where the shoot was booked. I was fried from the long road trip there, so after setting up, I decided to go up to my room and take a nap. I lunged to catch the closing elevator doors and inside was someone resembling a hooker. She got off on my floor and went one way and I went the other. After my nap, I went down to the studio to await her arrival. When Madonna walked in without any media handlers (which I loved), I nearly fell over: It’s the woman from the elevator! I had seen a few pictures but had no idea what Madonna really looked like. We spent the entire day together and I found her totally fun, cooperative, and charming. It was one of the best cover shoots I’ve ever had. She knew her own sexuality and exactly how to look and pose. I barely had to tell her anything.” 

Print Quality: Custom Made Silver Gelatin Print.

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