Lee Scratch Perry


Photographer: Vanessa Heins

Location: Toronto, ON

Date: May 2017

"I sat directly beside Lee in the backseat of a very packed car as we drove from The Danforth Music Hall to the west end and I only thought about this very photo that didn’t exist just yet. Lee is an absolute legend with a few intricacies and tales that make him pretty intimidating but I knew the regret of not asking for him to sit would be far greater than whatever I was fearful of. I didn’t say much to him in this moment but I put my camera down, put my hands on my face just like he is doing and he followed suit. After the photo he kinda of laughed at me as he walked away, like he knew that it had taken some ‘act of courage’ to ask and that I had *just* started breathing again since we had sat side by side in the car together."

Print Size: 20x28

Framed: Yes

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