Photographer: Alyssa Balistreri

Location: Rebel, Toronto, ON

Date: August 9, 2017

"Khalid has this incredible presence that takes over every single person in the room. When I accepted the opportunity to photograph him, I wasn't a huge fan. I had only heard one song by Khalid and liked it, but hadn't heard the rest of his album. As I walked into the pit, and the lights went down, the sound of excitement filled the air. I had never experienced such a feeling. Someone as new as him having such a passionate fan response was so unexpected. Everything from his silky smooth voice, to his incredibly cool choreography kept me at his mercy and zeroed in on his performance. At the end of his first song he was so overwhelmed by the response of his fans, he took a moment to smile and take it all in, and heres what that looked like."

Print Size: 16x20

Framed: Yes

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