Kathleen Edwards


Photographer: Jen Ochej

Location: Ottawa Jazz Festival, Ottawa, ON

Date: June 22, 2014

In a quiet moment backstage, writing lyric cheat sheets - a cover of WoodyGuthrie's *Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key* - for her band, Donovan Woods and Jon David Hynes, before their much-anticipated Ottawa Jazz Festival set. Months earlier, Kathleen had made waves by announcing she needed a break from music; this would turn out to be one of her only public performances of 2014 as she prepared to open Quitters Coffee in October of that year. The festival tent would soon be bursting at the seams as a hometown crowd clamoured to see the cherished Ottawa songwriter - but first, the pre-show lull, awash in golden hour light and the easy laughter of band and crew.

Print Size: 10x10

Framed: Yes

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