Photographer: Nicole De Khors Location: Wayhome Music & Arts Festival Date: July 2017 "The main thing I remember about WayHome 2017 was that it was incredibly hot. So hot that every morning my tent mate and I would come crawling out of our tent in a sweat to lie in the hammocks on the festival grounds until it was time to start shooting. It didn't cool down much at night either, but once Justice started playing I was too focused on shooting this amazing scene to notice. Heavily backlit, most of my shots were silhouettes...luckily Justice plays facing parallel to the crowd, giving me a great profile and a different angle than I'd get for most EDM acts. After falling in love with Justice during this set, I went on to listen to the their remix of MGMT's "Electric Feel" on repeat for the rest of the summer, which I recommend checking out." Print Size: 20x24 Framed: Yes

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