July Talk


Photographer: Robert Georgeff

Location: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON

Date: December 22, 2017

"Compassion, Sincerity, Truth, and Love. I belive this is what a July Talk performance is made of. The five people that make up the band bring eachother's different styles together to produce something that is rarely seen in the music industry today. Leah and Peter have the amazing chemistry that can take you on a unique journey and then also bring you into a private and personal moment that will never be repeated. That is what this picture reminds me of. I am so glad to have captured this special moment in time. Much love and thanks Leah and Peter. This photo was taken on the second night of July Talk's sold out three night stand at the iconic Massey Hall in Toronto."

Print Size: 10x10

Framed: Yes

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