Johnny Marr by Roger Cullman


Velvet Underground, Toronto

May 30th, 2018

"There’s a lineup around the block as I approach Velvet Underground. There’s much anticipation for the first solo Johnny Marr show in North America ahead of the release of his new Call the Comet album. This show kicks off a preview tour in smaller venues to test out his new material live. There’s no photo pit so I wind my way through the crowds and end up about a foot away from the right edge of the stage, huddled beneath a big speaker, shoulder-to-shoulder with increasingly
impatient fans. I’ve got on my fast wide-angle Zeiss prime lens, which helps capture the energy and closeness of the audience. We’re separated by a mere five feet from the legendary guitarist of The Smiths and all the tumultuous teenage memories his music conjures. To my left, front-and-centre as usual, is Kayvon Zahedi, a staple of the Toronto concert scene. He’s easily spotted, usually sporting a Union Jack hat or jersey and rocking out to predominantly UK artists
like nobody is watching. Tonight is no exception. He’s right there with Marr, shredding his air guitar. Magic!"

16 x 24 Framed Image - $400.00

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