Jimi Hendrix by Barrie Wentzell

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Photographer: Barrie Wentzell

Location: In his Brook Street flat in Mayfair, London

Edition: 50

Date: 1969

"I went along with Chris Welch of The Melody Maker one evening to see Jimi for a chat and do a few pictures for an article we were working on. The location was perfect; Bond Street was around the corner, the Revolution Club was next door and all the nightlife was within walking distance. The great classical composer Handel once occupied the flat next door and Jimi told us with a smile that he got a lot of inspiration knowing that so much beautiful music had been created there. We talked about many things that evening and I shot a few rolls of film in this casual setting, catching Jimi just as he was, relaxing at home. It seems incomprehensible that just one year later he was gone, but the music lives on and he will always be remembered for his unique musical, mystical and magical talents."

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