Jessie Reyez & Daniel Caesar by Andrew Palmer

Danforth Music Hall, Toronto
Dec 3rd, 2018
"If you know anything about Jessie Reyez it’s that family is one of if not the most important thing to her.  Whether it’s the family she was born with or the people who have become family throughout her life, they mean the world to her.  It’s part of what makes Kiddo so special.  Her niece, nephew and cousin were heavily involved in creating the artwork, alongside part of her family from The Remix Project.  It was through The Remix Project, a creative incubator that provides alternative education programs for creative youth in at-risk communities, that we connected. First through an introduction from her manager who I had met while I was in the Photography program at Remix, then again in 2014 when she joined The Remix Project family through the music program.  The program truly helped change and define both of our lives, to the point where we both continue to go back to this day and give back to the Remix family.  That’s what makes this photo special.  The joyful embrace between Jessie and Daniel is a reminder that family is not defined by blood, but by the people you keep around to build with you." 

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to The Remix Project

16x20 Framed Image $600.00 

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