Jack White


Photographer: Rory Biller

Location: Governor’s Ball, New York City

Date: June 7th, 2014

"Jack White is notoriously prickly with photographers and with the very inclination of filtering one’s concert experience through the eyes of a lens. Something about people knowingly diluting their experience (and ostensibly his performance art) by capitulating to their baser perceived needs to chronicle and later share it. Needless to say, opportunities to shoot Jack White are increasingly rare. Imagine then my state of bewildered incredulity when I was notified that at my second ever photo assignment (at New York City’s Governor’s Ball festival) I had been listed to be ushered in front of 50,000 zealous (and no doubt jealous) fans to capture two-dimensional snippets of the calamitous electricity of the modern-rock paragon. Sometimes there is perplexing synergy of serendipity in this line of work. As much as you strive to put yourself in these fortuitous situations you can’t escape questioning the seemingly arbitrary current of the tributaries of choices, influences, and circumstances that drifted you towards this manifesting confluence of present experience. Awash in blue backlighting the tenacious rockstar proceeded to unpack another incendiary performance with ferocious hunger. As a sea of adoring humans jostled and danced at his feet, my moment came to into being: the perfect snippet of time when amongst all of the anticipation and exhilaration and bliss and chaos of a massive headlining festival performance, the artist’s attention veers fleetingly towards you, and you graciously click and capture it."

Print Size: 20x24

Framed: Yes

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