Green Day by Catherine McGann

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Photographer: Catherine McGann - Courtesy of Rockarchive, UK
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York
Edition: 100
Date: 1994

"Green Day had just hit it big and I was assigned by Entertainment Weekly magazine to shoot the band backstage at Madison Square Garden in the fall of 1994. I wasn’t given much time, about ten minutes, during which they continually laughed, joked and goofed around. My time was up and I made for the exit. They must have thought I was gone because on the way out I turned around to say goodbye and witnessed this scene. They’d finally stopped clowning and I knew right away this was the shot. I took out my Nikon again, and this photo was the last frame left on the roll… I love that they are hugging their stuffed animals, and you get a sense of just how young they were, like little boys. I like to think this shot proves my theory that the best photos are given to you, you can’t plan them, they just happen."

Print Quality: Archival Digital Fine-Art print on Hahnemühle paper.

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