Gord Downie

Photographer: Scott Ramsay Location: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON Date: 2016 "This is by far one the most emotional shots I have. Gord is performing The Stranger, from his solo album The Secret Path. The entire album tells the story of Chanie Wenjack, a young 12 year old Anishinaabe boy who escaped his residential school near Kenora, attempting to walk hundreds of km back to his reservation and family. Sadly, he succumbed to the elements along the way. While performing The Stranger, Gord drops the microphone, and reenacts the final moments of Chanie's young life. Slowly falling to the stage, reaching out for help. The emotion that Gord has put into this performance, putting his own fight with cancer aside to make sure we as a nation start the reconciliation process, was pretty overwhelming to witness. The fact that this performance only happened a few times, capturing him like this, is very humbling." *A portion of all print sales will be donated to the Downie Wenjack Truth & Reconciliation Fund* Print Size: 20x24 Framed: Yes

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