Diana Ross by Barrie Wentzell

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Photographer: Barrie Wentzell

Edition: 50

"I was shooting some pictures during the taping of Top of the Pops and had popped up to the rooftop bar during a break. Diana was sitting at a table talking to a reporter from The Melody Maker and I asked her if it was okay to take a few pictures of her while she was being interviewed. She smiled and said that it would be fine. After she left, the reporter suggested that I send some pictures to The Melody Maker, which I did never thinking that they would be used. The following Wednesday I saw the paper at my local newsstand and there was my photo on the front page along with my name credited, Wow! I got a call from Bob Houston, Melody Maker's assistant editor a few days later offering me a job as chief freelance photographer, which I gladly accepted..thanks to Lady Diana Ross!"

Custom sizes may be available. Please inquire for availability and pricing.

Print Quality: Custom made Silver Gelatin print.

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