De La Soul


Photographer: Stephanie Horak

Location: Field Trip Music and Arts Festival, Toronto

Date: June 2015

"When I saw De La Soul listed on the Field Trip schedule, they became one of my most anticipated acts of the festival. As I waited for their set to begin, I noticed that there were people of all ages in their crowd - from 60-year-olds all the way down to little toddlers with ear protection sitting on top of their parent's shoulders. I had no idea what to expect but from the moment they took the stage, De La Soul had the entire crowd moving their arms up and down in unison. They captivated their audience for their entire set with their humour, unpredictability, and dominance of the stage. This photo captures each member lost in the flow of their music and feeling the love from the crowd."

Print Size: 11x14

Framed: Yes

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