David Bowie by Pete Post


Photographer: Pete Post

Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto

Date: Febuary 26th, 1976

"This show was part of Bowie’s Station to Station Tour. The concert began with projections from the 1928 avant-garde film by Salvador Dali and Louis Bunuel entitled Un Chien Andalou. The clip included an eyeball being cut by a razor blade. Very Shocking- especially in pre-internet 1976.

The vivid white lighting coupled with the stark black background created a dramatic visual effect. With the lighting and the various poses Bowie incorporated into his performance the potential to capture a good image was provided. This shot was captured on 35mm slide and tucked away for many years, occasionally being pulled out to be enjoyed at parties.

Bowie seemed really happy during this performance often smiling and engaging with the audience. RIP David Bowie"

Print Size: 16x20

Framed: Yes

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