Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


Photographer: Gilles Chateau

Location: Oakland, California

Date: 1974

"History in the making: July 1974. Setting their differences aside, CSNY embark on a lucrative 35-date stadium tour of the US, “The Doom Tour” as Crosby calls it. Young electing to travel alone in his customized GMC camper with his son. The tour is a massive success that sets a new benchmark for decadence, debauchery and excess. “But the rows continue” Manager David Geffen concedes, “There was never anything quite like the egos in CSNY”. In December, studio session again came to nothing. Young leaves on day and, in Crosby’s words, “never came back”. “We thought we could change the world…”

Print Size: 16x20

Framed: Yes

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