Johnny "Rotten" Lydon Polaroid by Brad Balfour

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Photographer: Brad Balfour

Edition: Limited

Beautiful, never seen Polaroid of John Lydon of the infamous Sex Pistols. Printed on high quality Hahnemuhle paper. Signed and numbered by photographer Brad Balfour.

John Joseph Lydon was born January 31, 1956 in Holloway, London, England. Also known as “Johnny Rotten”, the singer, musician, and songwriter is known for being the lead singer of the band the ​Sex Pistols. ​ When the Sex Pistols ended, Lydon became the lead singer and founder of Public Image Ltd. ​ He was also very well recognized for his expressive fashion and rebellious image. During his time with the Sex Pistols, Lydon composed many songs such as ​God Save the Queen, Anarchy in the U.K., Holidays in the Sun, and Pretty Vacant. ​ These songs were described by a commentator as: "last and greatest outbreak of pop-based moral pandemonium". The Sex Pistols caused an uproar among the nation and the media due to their controversial lyrics and outgoing style however, they are now seen as one of the most influential acts in the history of popular music. Lydon was seen as the cipher of the beginning of the punk movement.

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