Frank Zappa by Richard E. Aaron

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Photographer: Richard E. Aaron

Loaction: NYC

Date: 1976

"Every year, Zappa played the Copa in New York City on Halloween. Every year the record company would hire me to shoot the happenings at this function. He would arrive to the venue in a horse drawn carriage wearing a tux and cape. A few hours later when the party was almost over, I was sitting at a table relaxing when for some reason I turned my head and sitting right next to me with out me knowing was Frank Zappa. I was a bit startled. I raised my camera and he immediately struck a pose picking up the only thing on the table, a fork. Did the shot, smiled and he got up to leave. That was an ending shot for that night."

Print Editions:

18x24 Edition 200

24x32 Edition 125

30x40 Edition 20

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