Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks by Richard E. Aaron

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Photographer: Richard E. Aaron

Location: UCLA

Date: 1983

"I have been shooting Fleetwood Mac concerts since the early '70s, before they became a super group. This is a band where each member has his or her own extremely individual personality. Since I was the New York photographer for Warner Records, every time Fleetwood Mac would come to the east coast, I would be the shooter. I had photos printed in their tour programs and in magazines. I got even closer to the group in 1981 when I covered Mick Fleetwood's trip to Ghana, West Africa. I was hired by RCA Records and Rolling Stonemagazine to photograph Mick's first solo album recording. For me this also turned into a album jacket shoot for The Visitor. After that, Mick and I became good friends, and we became better friends once I moved to Los Angeles. Mick would call me whenever he had something for me to shoot. He told me once that he used me because I did not use strobe flash during the show, which really annoyed the group on stage. This shot is from a charity show called the 10K Rock and Run held at UCLA in 1983. Musicians would run for charity and after the event, Fleetwood Mac played a free concert. I was on stage when I got this shot of Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks; the song was Stevie's signature "Rhiannon." She was at center stage singing and proceeded to walk over to Mick and for only a moment leaned against him. I saw the shot coming, positioned myself to Mick's left side and waited for Stevie to walk to him. You could even hear me talking to myself behind my camera asking them to please move together for me for this shot and to lean on one another. She did, and I clicked. I knew right away that I had the shot. One of the publicists came over to me to ask me why I was talking to my camera."

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