Cat Stevens by Barrie Wentzell

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Photographer: Barrie Wentzell

Location: Pub in Belgravia, London

Edition: 50

Date: 1971

"I'd met Cat at a TV show and thought he was rather a big headed "walley" who wrote great songs. He gave me lots of attitude about photographing him. A year or so later we were doing a photo shoot on Primrose Hill, North London and I told him about the last time we'd met. He asked forgiveness and said a lot of people had told him that he was treating others badly and that he'd come to the realization that he had gotten carried away with instant fame and recognition and that he was over that now. After that he became one of the most pleasant and cooperative subjects I ever photographed, as was the case during this shoot."

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Print Quality: Custom Made Silver Gelatin Print.

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