Biz Markie by David Corio

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Photographer: David Corio

Location: London, UK

Edition: 50

Date: 1988

"Starting out as a beat box for Roxanne Shante it didn’t take long for Biz to forge his own identity. Signed to Cold Chillin’ Records "Make the Music With Your Mouth, Biz" put him on the map and his humour in his music and exciting live performances has helped him retain his popularity and respect in the business. I took him to an alley near his UK record company and he immediately started hamming it up for the camera – strangling himself with his rope chains, contorting his face for every shot. At one point he suddenly leapt onto a Mercedes that had been parked nearby and jumped off the hood! He was a photographer’s dream - he didn’t need any art-direction - he just went for it!"

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