Andra Day


Photographer: Brita Brookes

Location: St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI

Date: 2016

“This was shot at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit prior to the controversial and painful 2016 US election. I was shooting this with photo pass approval from Live Nation for the Detroit Metro Times entertainment weekly newspaper. Ms. Andra Day came out for the first song and sat on the trunk in her fur and silk pants. The moment was beautiful and being in the pit I was able to snap this shot with a prime 1.8, 50mm lens holding it really still with my elbows on the stage as a human tripod. There was no light available except very little red. It was mostly no light at all- almost dark. Then the show kicked in and the lights came on, but this was still my best shot. Go figure! #Lighting"

Print Size: 20x24

Framed: Yes

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