The Police by Patrick Harbron

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Photographer: Patrick Harbron

Location: Danforth Music Hall, Toronto

Edition: Limited Date: November 16, 1979

Regatta de Blanc Tour.

"The Police were on a fast track in mid-1979. Touring since 1977 and first appearing in the U.S. in autumn 1978, they graduated quickly from small clubs to concert halls. Their first appearances in Toronto were November 2 and 3, 1978 at the Horseshoe Tavern, a club with small capacity. Thousands of fans now claim to have been there for those concerts. About two weeks before the Toronto show pictured here, The Police played 3 sets in one evening at Disneyworld Tomorrowland Terrace in Orlando, Florida. By mid-1980 they undertook a world tour of stadiums and released their third album, Zenyatta Mondatta."

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