Queen by Johnny Dewe Mathews

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Photographer: Johnny Dewe Matthews
Location: Primrose Hill, London
Edition: 100
Date: 4th September 1974

"These were the 1st ever photos taken of the group in my studio in 1973. They were never used and have never been seen until now. At the time when I was asked by their then agent I had never heard of them, But with Freddie it was immediately apparent that I was in the presence of a charismatic visionary who was totally focused .He set the dress sense for the whole band and I remember that he smelt of something delicious. They were very confused by my casual approach to taking photos. I had no assistants and no lights and only listened to blues music. But Freddie warmed up when I told him that I had taken many photos of Derek Jarman and Andrew Logans. I also told him about photographing Andy Warhol at his Mao show in Paris with a Brownie Box camera. He looked at me as if he was genuinely impressed!"

Print Quality: Archival Digital Fine-Art print on Hahnemühle paper.

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