Freddie Mercury/Queen by Patrick Harbron

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Photographer: Patrick Harbron

Location: Magder Studio, Scarborough, (Toronto) Ontario

Date: Spring, 1982

"I made this portrait during the filming of the provocative video, 'Body Language.' The song was from Queen's new album, 'Hot Space.' There was no direction from the band regarding photography. They let me do whatever I thought looked good.
I covered the actual filming, but I was also interested in finding the opportunity to make specific portraits. I set up and lighted a group shot in a corner of the studio. Later I pulled them away during a break in filming and used the contrasty lighting from the video set. I shot group images, but it was the individual portraits of Queen that were the most successful. In particular, this photograph of Freddie, although direct and personal, reveals little, perpetuating a state of mystery. It is the most requested image from the sessions I did that day. The sexually suggestive 'Body Language' was the first video to be banned from MTV." 

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